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Dude, where did you GO?!

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So... eight months. Not a word. I don't even think there's anyone else out there now!

Here's the thing: I started my degree with the Open University, and it's taken up the vast majority of my time outside of being Mum! 

However I've been feeling the itch to blog again for a few months, and decided I might as well give it another go. After all it'll be ten years in November that I started, and although I've not been actively blogging lately, I do still love keeping up with how everyone is doing.

Where are we now then? 

Still pretty much where we left you back in August really!

Zack is about to go into his final term of primary school and oh my how he's grown! He's 11 and 5ft 3" already and a size 7 shoe. SIZE SEVEN. That's bigger than mine! Poor boy... definitely got his father's feet. 

Max is 9 and a half (the half is Important!) and is nearing the end of primary four. He's been really coming out of his shell in the last six months, along with stretching and growing - he's no longer the smallest in his class! His speech is starting to get clearer and his sense of humour is getting more apparent every day. 

And then there's me. Starting back at uni, 33 last month, loved up (yay!) and surrounded by awesome people I'm lucky enough to call my family and friends. Oh! And as well as getting rid of my long dark hair, it's also now a blonde pixie cut. Eek! I love it! 

We're currently enjoying our Easter holidays, and enjoying the gorgeous sunny days by getting out and about to visit our friends near and far, and get out as much as possible without knackering ourselves. Though I'm looking forward to what I'm hoping will be a Very Lazy Weekend after a busy first week of the holidays. 

Hope you're doing well, all two of you who are still reading (hi Mum and Other Person, thanks for the pageviews, lol!)... what have you got planned for the Easter break? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to find me on Instagram and let me know there! 

Mwah! xoxo