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Dreamy Eyelashes

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Zacks eyelashes... Kind of like the dreaminess of the focus. :)


Why is it always the boys who have these beautiful eyelashes, eh?

It's downright cruel!

But Zack's are just too bloody pretty to do anything other than melt when you see him close those sweet eyes of his.

Max's are just as gorgeous, but he's not willing to let me close enough to take a photo.

Or at least, not while he's awake!

And sleeping is a bit of a bone of contention in this house at the moment.

As in, the little man just isn't doing it.

He'll go to sleep well at about 7-8pm, but is up anywhere between 11pm-2am FOR THE DAY.

It seems that the melatonin he's given helps a treat at his initial bedtime.

He's actually started bringing me his jammies and his blankie and a fresh nappy, asking "beh pweeez" once he's had it in the evenings!

Which is bloody wonderful!

He's also now drinking out of a cup-with-straw (any cup, with any bendy straw) which is a bloody miracle as before that it was only one particular sippy cup which have since been discontinued that he'd drink out of!

And he's handling bath time, as I mentioned last week, or the week before.

Not to mention yesterday he LET ME CUT HIS HAIR!!!

Touching the head is a Very Bad Thing, but yesterday, with the help of The Avengers Assemble (he adores the Hulk), and a video on youtube I showed him first so he knew what was coming, he sat down, crying the whole way, bless his little heart, and LET me cut his hair.

I've yet to get a photo of him.

He's been in a hide and seek mood today.

But it's been done!

So my boys with their dreamy eyelashes are in the land of nod for now, and I thought I'd take the time out to sit down and let you know how well my boy is doing.

Hopefully he'll start sleeping better soon.

It does tend to be that after a period of learning new things, while not sleeping through, he has a couple of weeks of actual sleep.

Fingers crossed that starts soon.

Really soon.

Now I'm going to go try to get a bit of sleep.

And hope that I get some decent dream-time in.

It's about time I got to sleep for more than 3-4 hours in a row!!