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Did You Know I'm Stylish? *snerk*

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Well, according to Scottish Mum, Vonnie and Tiddlyompompom I am!

Now apparently there are rules to accepting this award.

1. Link back to the person(s) that gave you the award.

2. Give seven facts that nobody knows about you.

3. Pass on the award to 15 stylish bloggers (my god, 15?? *sigh)

So... my seven things:

  • I won't tell you about going out with a hat on those mornings when my hair needs a really good wash but I couldn't be bothered having a shower first thing.

  • Or that I love nothing more than cosying up in my scaffy old pyjamas which consist of a nighty/tshirt type top I've had for about 10 years now (Oh dear god... that's bad!) and some sweats that I used during the last 2 months of both my pregnancies.

  • I definitely am *not* going to mention how I only have two bags (oh the SHAME of a style guru to only have two bags to her name!)

  • Or that I have to buy boots specially so that they fit my elephant-like calves.

  • I'm so not mentioning the lack of make up I wear on a daily basis.

  • And there is *no* way I'm talking about how the closest to cleansing my face is using baby wipes!

  • Last but not least... I refuse to share that I smoke, therein making my skin crappy. (yes I know, I know... please *don't* start with the "you should quit y'know" comments... that just makes me think of having one even more!)

Yeah... so I'm stylish! ;)

Uhm, so... eh... now I get to pass it on to FIFTEEN stylish bloggers?

Are there that many stylish people out there?? *snort* Ahem, sorry, did I say that out lout?

Well... I'll be re-tagging some people who've already been tagged here, cause there's no way I can keep track of who has or hasn't already *been* tagged!

  1. My sista from anutha mutha: Veronica at Sleepless Nights.

  2. My anutha mutha: Kim from Frog Ponds Rock.

  3. Barbara from JoBart. Sqweee! April!!!

  4. Nikkii from Nikkii Hall (well duh!). My "we will meet up and take photos" buddy. Funnily enough, we never get around to taking many photos when we're together! I blame the weather!

  5. Jen from The King and Eye. I swear, it's like our boys were seperated at birth sometimes! Except for the whole different mothers thing... *cough*

  6. Blue Sky, from Looking for Blue Sky. She's such a sweety. I would love to meet her and give her a real hug instead of just virtual ones!

  7. Kat fromSlugs In The Refrigerator. Cause I *so* wish I could knit and be crafty and take beautiful photos like she does!

  8. Jen at Mum In The Madhouse. She is *such* a sweetheart. Nuff said.

  9. Nat at Suburban Mummy. Beautiful photography, beautiful children. Beautiful blogger. I want to be like her!

  10. Nickie at Typecast. I may or may not have a bloggy crush on her. *cough*

Uhm... I really can't think of any more right now, so... I give up. Not that I'm a giver-uper-er... nope. Not me!