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Dear Zack

LifeMarylin24 Comments

I love you very very much, really I do, but you need to stop talking to me all! the! time! without! a moment's! rest!

Max needs you to stop waking him up at stupid-o'clock in the morning, cause he (and I!) would rather sleep till about 9am.

You really don't have to copy everything I say either. It's annoying!

Also, you should stop stealing food from the kitchen. It's annoying having to lock it up any time I even go upstairs for a bit.

Stop licking your lips all the time or the dermatitis you have around them will never heal properly!


Keep giving me cuddles and kisses.

Don't ever stop having fun with your little brother. He loves you and you love him, and it shows.

Stop growing! You're going to be 5 in the summer already... and about to start school... just, slow down!

Keep up the "West-Coast y'all" moves - they're uber cute.

Keep dancing to your favourite songs. The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails really are pretty awesome, so long as Dean makes sure you don't listen to ones with Bad Words in them!


Mummy xxx