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Busy Busy!

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Well, it's definitely been a busy month, that's for sure.

Including today and tomorrow, the boys have actually only been in school for 5 days this month.

Zack is, of course, rather happy with that! Although the boredom is starting to kick him - you should have seen how happy he was to be getting ready for school this morning! In general though, he's been happy getting to chill at home, play outside in this gorgeous weather, and play his games. He's completed another one over this holiday. Super Mario Bros for the Wii? Well, I can only get to half way through the first world, and he's completed all eight!

Max, on the other hand. Well, at first he was quite the thing, but after going back to nursery for all of three days last week, and then having to stay at home again. He's been withdrawing a lot. All he wants to do is hide in his bed (or my bed), with the iPad, or DS to play on. He'll come to me to ask for milk or something to eat, but then he'll take it upstairs again. On one hand, it's been a huge change from what we used to get, which was a VERY screamy Max! On the other hand, I don't like him being all on his lonesome up there.

It's been such beautiful weather, and we've been in the garden loads, but this weekend Max just didn't want to go out at ALL.

I had to drag him out of bed and down the stairs to even get him to come outside. Despite Zack and I playing with bubbles (his absolute favourite thing in the ENTIRE world!), he just cried and screamed till I opened the back door and let him in again. Five minutes later he'd found the hidden iPad, and was back in his bed.

I really wish the people who decide when holidays are would THINK a bit more  when they are planning holidays.

What about the kids who have exams next week and haven't been able to have the usual support of their teachers to study for them?

What about the mums and dads who have to find more money for child-minding, or try to get more time off work, when they already have the seven weeks of summer holidays to think of, and October break, and Christmas break.

What about those of us who have little ones that NEED routine. That NEED the help of others?

I certainly hope that the powers that be will be a little less trigger happy with their dates around April holidays next year.

So, that's been us the last week!

I've got today, and tomorrow, and then another four day weekend.

I will be watching the Royal wedding.

I can tell Zack that it's history in the making, and that way I will have at least a partially cartoon/game-free day! ;)

How have you been coping with the holidays this month?

Ooh, and are you a closet Royal fan... will you be watching the celebrations tomorrow?

As far as I'm concerned, I just hope that they have a wonderful day! After all, that's what it's about, isn't it?

*hugs* and sparkles ;)