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Blink and you miss it.

LifeMarylin6 Comments

How did it get to the end of the year so quickly??

Seriously, I feel like I've blinked and missed it!

At the beginning of the year I certainly didn't think I would be where I am now, this is *much* better. ;)

My boys are a year older, and so am I.

We've been through quite a lot this year, and we're still going onwards and upwards.

I hope things carry on getting better cause since the split things have been getting better and better.

Hell by this time next year I will have a son in school and my baby will be starting nursery and talking.

That's the idea anyway. I guess only time will tell with the latter, but so far it's looking promising!

I hope that by this time next year I'll be starting to learn how to drive.

(I know, I know, I'm 25 and I can't drive... how bad is that?!)

I hope that we will still be living in this awesome house and that I'll have made some friends.

I hope that I will have a new camera (Nikon D90 /drool).

I hope that Max won't need the buggy anymore which will make life quite a bit easier.

I guess for now though I'll just try to enjoy being where I am now, with no school to get up and out for in the mornings, and my kids being young and innocent, cause I know one day I'll look back on this and wonder how the hell it all went by so fast.