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The Blank Page

LifeMarylin3 Comments

Day 9: Paper #fmsphotoaday ahh the blank page. don't you just love it? so many possibilities. where to even begin?

and therein lies the problem. there are so many options that it gets too overwhelming to start. and that's without the perfectionist in you likes to barge in and remind you of just how rubbish you are. all of a sudden all those possibilities seem like far fetched dreams that could never remotely come true. i mean really, who do you think you are?

and so the blank page stays blank. the beautiful journal you bought to capture those dreams and ideas gets put on a shelf, so as not to ruin it. the writer in you goes back to the back of your head and heart, and off you go back to reading blogs and social media, filled with people who are so much better than you could possibly be.

but there's something there. there is. i promise. because the thing about all these wonderful writers, photographers, artists, they've all gone through this process. the difference is they went right ahead and did it anyway. regardless of the blank page or the full roll of film or the empty canvas. they push through. they force the words out, even if at first they feel like they're writing is rubbish. even when they look at the people who are years ahead of them in the game and feel inadequate. they keep going.

they just do it anyway. and they keep doing it. they never give up.