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Better Late Than Never!

PhotographyMarylin6 Comments

A few weeks ago (ok, ok, a month ago!), my lovely friend Barbara posted a gorgeous picture of her son (The Boy). (Who, incidentally, is only about 6-7 hours older than my Max!)

I said on that post that I'd love to do a play with this photo on photoshop, and so she sent me a copy of the image!

Then my Photoshop stopped working... bad photoshop!

Then I forgot all about it once I'd finally got PS working again... bad me!

Today Nikki reminded me about it, so we thought we'd both have a shot at playing with it...

This was the original:

A gorgeous lil guy and a great photo all on it's own!

And here's my wee play...

One eye is a bit too cyborg-y than the other... I need to figure out how to not do that, but other than that I quite like this quick lil play.

I won't say it's an improvement on the original, cause it's not, he doesn't need improving! It's just a wee play on photoshop cause I loved the colours, and his face, and generally the whole photo. :) (very well done Barbara!)

Now over to Nikki, who I'll bet will have quite a few plays on this, cause she's oh so talented you know!