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Balance is the New Perfection: Choose Rhythm Instead

Soul LoveMarylin14 Comments

Back in the 50s and 60s it was all about the perfect life. Perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect home, perfect white picket fence in the 'burbs.

Thankfully we've moved on since then and realised that "perfect" isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's an impossible dream to chase.

Better to embrace imperfect action than be paralysed with the idea of trying to do everything perfectly, right?

Thing is, these days I can't help but feel that balance is the Millenial's version of the baby boomer's perfection.

It's all about having a balanced life. 

How to balance life and work.

How to balance healthy eating with unhealthy treats.

How to balance your mind so you are the embodiment of peace and joy. 

To me, balance is yet another impossible dream.

As a woman, we are bound by cycles from puberty. 

Everyone knows that the week around your period beginning is one of feeling like rubbish, easily pissed off at stupidity and generally feeling exhausted. 

So how are we supposed to be balanced during that time? 

When our hormones are in a constant state of flux, how is balance achievable?

Balance is putting more pressure on us than doing good.

Instead of striving for balance, I have taken to choosing to work with rhythm and cycles. 

The ebb and flow of life is something that we are all aware of... the way the tides change, the cycles of the moon, of our lives, the way we are in a constant state of flux: this is normality.

So why don't we harness the power of our natural rhythms for our own benefit?

What if you were able to change tack knowing that the week you're due to have your period you will be more tired, more susceptible to wanting some comfort food, early nights and taking things easy? #selfcareweek, baby!

What if, knowing that you are the type to push yourself to burnout when working on your latest project, you were able to allow yourself to schedule in some mandatory down time for yourself to take a break? 

What if you knew that by the time Thursday rolls around, you'll be crawling into your bed early, so you were able to write and schedule that blog post and those social media posts earlier on in the week?

What if you were able to see the rhythms and cycles that are a part of your life, and use them to your advantage?

This is what I've been practicing over the last few months and it's made a HUGE difference to how I live my life. 

Not only that, it's released a lot of the tension and pressure I was putting on myself to do all the things all at once in a balanced way. 

Cause here's the thing: I don't work well with balance, and if there's a lot on your place (lets face it, there's a lot on your plate!), balance is scary because it means having to do everything at once and damnit finding time ain't easy!

Knowing when you have more and less energy is a fantastic way to be able to plan your time accordingly. 

Choosing rhythm over balance can make a huge difference to your life. Are you willing to try it?