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Back to School, the 2017 Edition

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I genuinely feel like there should be another two weeks or so to go of the holidays, and yet there my boys are, back in school as of Tuesday! I know, I know... most of you probably still have a few weeks to go, but up in Scotland we start our summer holidays at the end of June, hence going back sooner. 

Back to school with SoftThistle Life.

Anyway, that's the boys settled back in school... Max has gone into primary 5 and is now upstairs in his school. It's meant a total fresh start for him as he lines up in a different place and doesn't go directly into his classroom like he has in previous years, and so far it's been a hit! 

And then of course there's my oldest, Zack, who's just started high school! Holy crap I can't get over the fact that I have a child in high school... why does time pass so quickly?! 

I was looking out the window for him coming home for about 15 minutes, heart in my mouth, praying that he'd had a good day. He came through the door with a HUGE smile - high school is AWESOME. What a relief! The weight that lifted from my shoulders when he said that... wow I hadn't realised how tense I'd been!

SoftThistle Life - Zack and Max back to school 2017

So the boys are back at school... we not only survived the holidays, we had a blast! We actually could have done with another couple of weeks to do more to be honest. Now that the boys are older they're so much fun to hang out with!

I'll be writing a post about how I help Max to prepare for going back to school soon, so let me know if you have any questions. Hope your kidlets have enjoyed their holidays and are contented at school! 


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