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Autism and The Dentist

AutismMarylin6 Comments

Ever since Max was very small, never liked me to touch his mouth, or his face in general. He used to point blank not let me near it without wrestling himself away and crying.

Bathtime just wasn't fun. Neither was attempting to get him to brush his teeth.

Now at least he'll brush relatively well with the help of an iphone app (Lulu Brush Time) that shows a cute wee cat/bear/raccoon thing brushing it's teeth properly, which he copies to a tee, and has a timer.

However it was really only in March this year that he finally was at a point where I could fathom taking him to see a dentist without worrying that they may end up with one less finger. Surely that must be an occupational hazard?

Well I couldn't have been more shocked at how well he handled it all! He went straight for the chair and got himself comfortable...

image   He enjoyed wearing some cool shades to stop the light shining too brightly on his face, and getting to try out one of the face masks that his dentist was wearing...


And even let her brush his teeth!

He's never let me do that!

She even managed to put some fluoride on his front teeth to help strengthen them a bit as they're not in great nick - he won't let me brush his teeth remember?

All in all he's been doing amazingly well with it all!

So today was his second visit. I had kept the wee mask he'd been given last time and showed him it so he knew where he was going.

As soon as he saw the mask he started dancing around, saying "yessss!" with a fist pump. (I have no idea, but I'm not complaining!)

She managed to polish his front teeth, and even noticed that one was wobbly!

He was a little more anxious this time with the teeth being polished, but all in all, he was a wee star.

And to think this is the little guy who never used to let anyone near his face, never mind his mouth. Just goes to show how far he's come, and how much further he can go.