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Autism and Haircuts

AutismMarylin4 Comments

Five years ago, Max used to freak out if anyone touched his head. 

He hated it with a passion and would dodge any attempts at having his hair brushed (or washed), his teeth brushed, his face washed, a pat on the head, a kiss, even a hug had to be a certain distance from his face. That one was awkward! And heartbreaking to not be able to cuddle and kiss my little boy.

His aversions were huge. 

It used to take two of us to hold him down while getting his hair cut. 

Luckily we had a very understanding barber who was extremely patient!

Eventually the aversion to having his head touched left, after I put in a lot of work to help him enjoy the feeling of having his hair played with. 

Five years later, I can take him into a barber's like any other kid. 

He'll wait patiently.

He'll climb up on the seat himself and let anyone come near him and do their work. 

And afterwards he'll be pretty pleased with himself! 

In fact, all in all? 

The whole experience of going for a haircut is met with smiles now. 

Night. And. Day.

I remember thinking my little guy would never be able to get his hair done in a barber shop when he was older. He would still have the aversion to having his head touched, and there was no way anyone would be able to get near him as he got bigger and stronger. 

I was completely wrong!  

If you're in the first few years of an early diagnosis, don't give up hope. 

It's amazing the difference five years can make.