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A Good Day!

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Today has been a Good Day for Max.

That means it's also been a Good Day for me!

Which in turn means it's also been a Good Day for Zack when he got home from school!

My idea of getting an early night worked a charm last night.

Boys were both asleep by 7.30pm, I was fast asleep by about 11pm.

We all slept till 7am!

I even managed to sneak downstairs for a nice relaxing shower before they got up!

Max is getting so much better at waiting with me at the school gates until Zack has gone into class these days.

He'll get a bit grumpy at first, but I just really let him get on with it while I chat to my friends, and as he realises now that we won't go until I say so, he's calming down much faster.

He doesn't seem to like going *in* to nursery (would rather play in their playground!) but calms down within a couple of minutes of me leaving.

We got his new mattress for his new Big Bed today, and oh my he LOVES it! First night in it was last night (with the old mattress) and he kept climbing up and down and up and down. SO freakin' cute!

On top of that I managed to get rid of the old cot bed that had been sitting on it's side in my room for the last 4 months!

Max got a glowing report from this morning at nursery. He didn't have any major screamy moments, and the tantrums he did have he seemed to snap out of quite easily. AND he even ate some lunch!

He's been in such a good mood all day, and is happily taking his spoonful of melatonin-laced-nutella every evening. Once he's nommed that he stands around waiting for me to get his milk to take him upstairs and get him ready for bed.

And now both the boys are in bed!

I have a couple of hours to myself, Glee and Bedlam are on later, so I'll watch them and then that's me off to bed.

If this hasn't been a Good Day, then I don't know what is! :)