SoftThistle Life

Hello lovely, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! So I guess you want to know a bit more about me huh?

Well, here's the skinny. 

I'm a 30-something single mum to two boys, Zack and Max. 

Zack (11) is your typical tweenage gamer with an addiction to Minecraft, drawing and being Very Loud ALL THE TIME.

Max (8) has autism, and is taking the scenic route with his speech. It can be tricky at times, especially not understanding what he's trying to communicate, but all in all it's an amazing journey he's taking me on! He's funny, very loving and insanely cute, even though I do say so myself!

This blog started out in 2009 as a "mummy-blog", one that brought many friendships and opportunities our way. It was my sounding board, my journal and a memory-keeper for those hazy early years, followed by an extremely cathartic way of getting through the tough times with Max when he was younger. 

However now that my boys are older, it feels like over-stepping boundaries to be talking about the kids as much, and as time has gone on I find that I'm less inclined to need to use my blog as a way of working out how I'm feeling about the issues we've faced. 
Things can still be tricky regularly, but I'm in much more consistent and confident in my ability to handle what gets thrown at me!

So that leaves me with a mummy-blog that is really no longer that, though obviously my kids are the main focus in my life and always will be!

What will I be writing about now, then? I guess that depends on what's got my attention really! 

I'm a multi-passionate Aries through and through. I get excited about a new hobby and throw myself into it wholeheartedly! After a month or so though, I tend to burn out. Whoops! I'm working on that one, honestly! 

Current hobbies include the following:

  • hand lettering
  • pottery
  • iPad lettering
  • photography
  • learning tarot
  • personal development/positive mental attitude
  • making sure I have fun doing all the above!

So you can expect to see a bit of everything really! This is a personal blog after all.

If there's anything you'd like to ask me feel free to contact me through Twitter or Instagram (my two favourite haunts). I'm on there most days and love a good chatter!

Hope the rest of your day is wonderfully awe-inspiring! Much love! xoxo