Bloody Government Benefits…

Hi, I’m Marylin and I’m scrounging benefit scum. I live off the state.

With the kids needing to be looked after, it’s honestly better for me to be at home living off benefits than if I was to go out and get a full time job. I kid you not.

Here’s the thing. They have advertisements up everywhere about not committing benefit fraud. Make sure you tell the benefits office as soon as there’s a change in your circumstances they say. Don’t be a thief they say.

Well, Dean has moved in. That, of course, is a change in circumstance.

I dutifully told the benefits people about this change. They said that we would need to put in a joint claim, and oh, by the way, we’re cutting off your money completely until that claim has been processed. It’ll take three to four weeks. Thanks for being honest!

What. The. FUCK.

How the hell am I supposed to survive on absolutely no money when I have my children to think of?

Luckily my parents were in a position to be able to help us out with a loan to ensure we had enough money in my account to pay rent. That will have to be paid back though.

What on earth are those less fortunate than me supposed to do?

It’s bloody well ridiculous!

I have nappies that need buying. Milk, food to live off, bills to pay.

Four weeks. How am I supposed to keep up with my bills and basic living if they cut me off completely?

Listen to me Child Tax Credits - you’re a fucking disgrace. You’d better pay me soon, and it had better be backdated, or I swear to god I *will* be going to the press about this.

You ask us to be honest, and then you do this to us.

I would have been better committing benefit fraud than telling you the truth.



  1. Don’t get me started on the benefits system in this country! It’s a nightmare, trying to get them is hard enough if you tell the truth about why you need them, god forbid you need to tell them of a change!
    I tried to get in touch with them today to let them know that I’m starting voluntary work but couldn’t get past the main menu because it gave me no options!
    They definitely need a huge shake-up and I hope you get yours sorted out soon.
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  2. That is fucking shocking and totally unnecessary. Why can’t they continue paying what you are getting then apply an adjustment to reclaim it over the next, say 6 months or so through a minor reduction? I take it the only benefit noticeably affected will be housing benefit and council tax benefit since you still have to eat and clothe yourselves as before, you benefit scrounging scum ya :)

    I’ve received benefits in the past and it’s funny how when your payments are due to go up because of a change in circumstances they manage to plod on NOT applying the increase for weeks on end. You’d think we were all guilty until proven innocent. Surely not.
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  3. Thanks Priness! Are you in the UK as well? I know that the Tax Credits people are on strike until thursday. I tried calling them on monday and got cut off after about 5 minutes on hold. >_<

    Hope you manage to get in touch with them soon!

    Thanks for visiting me. :)

  4. The good thing is that because neither of us are working at the mo (although Dean is desperately looking) even our housing benefit will stay the same. It’s just that everything has been cut off until they come through as joint claims. Bastards!

  5. That is so unbelievable. Do they not care how people survive?! I’m completely shocked.

    Thank goodness your parents are able to help out.

    Bloody government!
    .-= Nat´s last blog ..I swear this blog hasn’t been abandoned. =-.

  6. Insanity – absolute insanity.

  7. Yes they will, thank god! Otherwise there’s no way I could have borrowed the money from my parents. :S

  8. Apparently they don’t care, no. Arsewipes! >_<

  9. Yep. You’d think they’d have thought more about the effects it could have on families…
    I don’t get how anyone who doesn’t have back up could possibly survive without having to go without food for themselves to keep their kids going.

  10. What a nightmare! They are completely useless and you are right, being honest just gets penalised all the time whilst others get away with taking everything they can get and more without a care in the world.
    .-= SwindonMum´s last blog ..To work or not to work? =-.

  11. Yeah, tell me about it. Tis pathetic. :S

    Gotta make sure everything’s above board though cause of the impending divorce. Wish it would hurry up and be july so I can actually start the ball rolling! >_<


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