Living Arrows #2

by Marylin “Softthistle” Muir on September 16, 2014

Feeding the horses

Max has never really been that interested in animals until this weekend.

He saw us feeding the horses in the field just along from our house and for some reason decided it was time to start joining in with his family.

Feeding horses

To say I’m happy about this is an understatement!


My beautiful locked in boy is starting to emerge from the quiet and detached way of life he’s been living in, and it’s a wonderful transformation to behold.


My Sunday Photo

by Marylin “Softthistle” Muir on September 14, 2014

A boy and his stick

Turns out when I can actually get Zack away from a screen, he really can entertain himself. With a big stick!

At first he was all grumpy at the thought of going for walks, but now? Now he’s looking forward to them every weekend.

It’s become something of a family ritual on a Sunday. Though I’m not sure how it’ll go when the weather is colder and more, erm, vicious. (Trust me, we’re in Scotland… the weather really does get quite mean at times!)

And of course he started shouting “You shall not pass!” when he found this one…

Such a proud moment for this geek mama!



The B&W Photography Project | Week #9

by Marylin “Softthistle” Muir on September 12, 2014


 Have I mentioned how much I love living here! Cause I do… this field is just one of many reasons.

Go on over to the lovely Charly’s blog to see the other beautiful B&W Photography photos from this week. <3


The horse in the field

by Marylin “Softthistle” Muir on September 9, 2014



Isn’t she a beauty? She’s been in a field on her own for a wee while now – kept away from all the boys.

Sometimes she’s even in the small paddock behind our house, where we can give her carrots through the fence.

On Sunday we went for what is now becoming our usual walk along to see the horses, and there she was, way back from the fence.

As soon as she heard us she came over. She recognised us! Or at least, she knew we’d have a treat for her!

Such a beautiful girl.

I really do love living here.

Moving just a 10 minute walk down the road from our old place has been so good for us!

There are so many peaceful places close to us now.

Even Max punches the air going “YESSS” when I say we’re going for a walk.

He signs and says “hoss!!” and runs to find his shoes.

*happy sigh*


Living Arrows #1

by Marylin “Softthistle” Muir on September 8, 2014

living arrows
Having just stumbled onto the I Heart Snapping blog (thanks for sharing that on twitter, Annie!), I absolutely had to join in with my beautiful boys! So here we have my not-so-little Max, enjoying a walk in the woods:


And my handsome young man Zack who’s only just started learning to ride a bike, as where we lived before there just wasn’t anywhere close by to safely let him learn.



I’m so proud of these two… they are turning into amazing people, and I get to watch them grow. <3